SharedWisdom presents:

Shaman Visionary Circle

An Online Shamanic Community to Strengthen the Connection to Your Higher Self and Others, to Learn to Be of Service to Each Other based on Who You Really Are, as well as in Service to the Spirit Realm

with Hank Wesselman, PhD


Teachings – Shamanic Journeys – Community – Q&A Sharing

“We actually came into this world as gods. It’s just that we have forgotten who we really are and what this really means.”

Hale Kealohalani Makua, native Hawaiian elder

Your Invitation

n 20 May 2020
Kona, Hawaii

Dear spiritual friends and family,

After repeated requests to form an online SharedWisdom Community Circle, Jill and I have found it is now finally time, and in accordance with our kuleanas (responsibility) and are offering an all new online immersive experience that we are calling the Shaman Visionary Circle.

Each month and week we will focus on bringing to you new live teachings, journeys and some revisiting of prior journeys to deepen their significance and affirm your discipline. 

The community of participants will have a chance to meet and interact, establishing new connections and sharing of experiences. This circle is open to anyone who has established journey skills. [We recommend new students utilize the Spiritwalker Audio Series offered toward the end of this page.] For those fairly new to the practice, please note that this can indeed be life changing and for the old timers the circle can be a great place to sharpen the sword of experience and wisdom. 

This is because the awakened mystic, within each of us, experiences a desire to deepen, to grow and become more, and to be of service. 

Once formed, our circle of visionary adventurers will meet four times a month on Wednesdays to explore a particular teaching and discover the revelations that then become available to us.  

This reveals that most sessions will involve teachings as well as experiential journeywork, a form of shamanic meditation that continually improves and deepens with practice using the rhythmic percussion of my drum to help alter and expand our conscious awareness. There will be dedicated Q&A sessions on a regular basis.

This method will be explained and elucidated for those new to the shaman’s path. 

Within the online circle, there is also the option to connect with the members through an optional Facebook page, where members will be able to connect with others of similar orientation and practice comparing notes and creating community as we learn from each other.

Within this group, everyone is a spiritual seeker who learns to achieve ever deepening states of transcendence. 

Virtually everyone learns to relate directly with spirit teachers and helpers, elementals and guides, possibly ancestors and descendants, allowing them to bring about help, healing and growth for themselves, for members of their network, and for society and the world as a whole. 

You will also connect with others on the path. This cannot be over emphasized as the formation of online communities and networks across north, central and south America, extending into Ireland, Britain, Europe , the Middle East, and Africa to the east, and to Polynesia, New Zealand, and Australia in the west has already occurred through my other online teachings.

In response, friendships take form and these can be greatly sustaining in these times of change and things coming apart. 

Modern mystics are well informed and socially concerned individuals engaged in intensive personal quests for spirituality, meaning, and transcendence. 

We are part of a growing social movement searching for new ways to organize our lives in a personally more satisfying and beneficial manner.

This series involves discovery, discernment, empowerment, the cycle of death (including symbolic death) and rebirth, not of the soul aspects themselves, yet of the fears, lies, and distortions that persist, as well as the myths that no longer serve us in their current form. 

Join me for an extraordinary adventure as we learn from each other in community and investigate our own connection with the sacred through the hidden worlds. 

Deep appreciation,

Hank Wesselman

Hank Wesselman, PhD., anthropologist, futurist and community member. 

P.S. We will be starting in June, so now is the time to join us if you are ready and you’ll find all the information on this page. The world needs more people to come together to do this work and the real question is how can we, as mystics, be of service?

“Hank Wesselman is a genuine and engaging storyteller who blends his scientific wisdom with his experience with shamanism from a place of heart.”

– Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light 

The Power of a Global Shamanic Circle

When you participate in a shamanic circles, you create, as well as receive, the gift of your togetherness, powered by your collective Aloha. 

And if you are to ‘project yourself’ (with intention and shamanic journeywork) within and beyond these circles, there is nothing you would like more than to be in good company… which you are.

When we sit in a circle, virtually or in person, the circle itself is about unity, about the commonality of all things, of all peoples, with all beings as part of the whole. 

Coming into circle is not the exclusive property of any one cultural group or tribe. This is a universal human experience and it belongs to all of us. The ability to do this is one of our birthrights. And the gift of this achievement is your participation in this world in an enhanced way.

The circle is about being receptive. It is about openness to all that is around you. It is a rotary energy and thus feminine. 

As the spirits and the ancestors are in service to us, we are in service to them.This is about an inner openness, receiving input from all the dimensions of life. It is about allowing perception of all the other realities beyond the everyday and the normal to come to us. And this is what we will be doing in the Shaman Visionary Circle.

“Dr. Wesselman has begun to penetrate the shamanic realms of nonordinary reality and revelation. His dramatic accounts are well within the range of experiences regularly achieved by contemporary students of shamanism and shamanic journeying.”

Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman

Going Deeper: Revisiting Your Foundation & Exploring All New Territory

In the Shamanic Visionary Circle we are going to explore the subtle, dreamworld together in this year-long series of online encounters with the sacred

In creating this series, we will follow Hale Makua’s–our spiritual elder whom we were blessed to come into relationship– tendency to begin in the middle, then expand in both directions, and you as an embodied soul will be the traveler across a compelling body of information and process.

We will revisit foundation journeys to rebuild and fortify our inner structures. We will also be exploring all new journeys and places, plus be sharing new sacred teachings.

Each session will involve 40 minutes of narrative and teachings followed by 20 minutes of experiential journeywork. There will also be regular LIVE Q&A sessions to address questions about the teachings and your own personal journey. 

What you will need: a private place to sit or lie down; a way to listen to the shamanic journey drum; an eye shade or bandana to cover your eyes (spirit imagery is most easily perceived on a dark visual field;) a notebook and writing instrument. Some light a candle and some incense and include a few power objects on an altar cloth. 

We will give you further instructions on the Shaman journey method directly inside the course and also we have included the Spiritwalker teaching audio series. As our sessions will all take place online, they will be available to all registered participants for a period of time in a private member portal. And if you are unable to join us for the live action when they are initially offered then you can download them for lifetime access.

“Prying open the doors of perception of the inner worlds, Dr. Hank Wesselman nimbly gifts us with glimpses into the panorama of the great mystery. As a scientist, shamanist, and seer, he combines the genius and discipline of scholarly explorations found in the contributions of Joseph Campbell, Lewis Hyde, Michael Harner, and Vine Deloria.”

Nan Moss, shamanic teacher and author of Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements

Walking the Path of Direct Revelation

How to create a bridge to the other world to be of Service to ‘Self’ and Others

Today, practicing shamanism doesn’t mean you have to live in a rainforest or a desert. Thanks to a modern renaissance of shamanic spirituality, practitioners from all walks of life now use powerful indigenous techniques for healing, insight, and spiritual growth.

The art of the shamanic journey–a time-tested meditative method for experiencing important spiritual lessons and truths. 

In the western world, there is confusion about the kind of work done by medicine people and the work done by shamans. This confusion exists because every shaman is a medicine person, but not all medicine people are shamans. 

In fact most medicine people are not shamans and tend to fall into cultural roles more like our priests—as ceremonial leaders and ritual specialists who hold the spiritual balance of their communities in their capable hands … and many have great knowledge of the healing arts. 

But medicine people do their main work here in the physical world, whereas shamans tend to do their main work in the spiritual worlds—the dreamtime of the Aboriginals, the Other Worlds of the mystics.

Direct experience of the transpersonal realms of the spirits lies beyond both belief and faith. It is also completely and irreversibly life changing, revealing why the shaman’s path is of such interest to members of the transformational community. 

In Hank’s small book the Journey to the Sacred Garden, he reveals that most of us may be hard wired to be able to do this. When that genetic ‘program’ on your inner hard drive (your DNA) is double-clicked with the right mouse, the deep psychic kicks on and true transpersonal experience then becomes available to us. The ability to do this is a learned skill that improves with practice, which is why a deep immersion experience in shamanic journeywork provides the foundation for our spiritual unfolding and Personal Transformation.

Benefits of Regular Shamanic Journeywork

Connection with Ancestors

Develop a relationships with your past and explore your lineage for growth and healing

Power Augmentation

Learn to connect with your guides, spiritual allies and higher realms

Vision and Purpose

Work on pulling in and downloading how you can be of greatest service in your life

Cleansing & Purification

Journey for regular clearing and cleaning of old energies that could constrict your path

Know Thyself

Through journeywork we understand the different layers of the self and work toward self mastery

Spiritual Exploration

Understand the spiritual hierarchy, layers of the other worlds and travel to known inner spaces

“We are living in a time when the materialist world order and the human obsessions with manipulation, profit, and war have brought our civilization to the raw edge of global catastrophe. Into that perfect storm come voices that urge us to remember what we once knew―what shamans and gnostics and the mystics of antiquity taught. Hank Wesselman is such a voice. “

Ralph Metzner, PhD, author of The Wall of Remembrance & Green Psychology

Who is this Program For?

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to deepen and commit to their shamanic practice with regular journeys (and may not have a regular circle)
  • Those who believe in acquiring direct connection to their Higher Self or Oversoul
  • Those who are committed to knowing who they are and their true purpose
  • Those who want to embody more love, joy and peace
  • Those who believe and know there are other dimensions and conscious realities that can be accessed through journeywork and meditation
  • Those who want to be a force for good in the world to help humanity
  • Those who have a deep connection to the animal world and nature

Who is this NOT for?

  • Those who are unstable due to no or little medical or psychological management of their condition. This includes those that are destabilized by drumming, rattling or other percussive practices.
  • Those who believe that there is only one path to enlightenment (through whatever religion they practice or other means)
  • Those who want to learn shamanic healing of others because this is beyond the scope of this training
  • Those who are NOT committed to doing regular meditation or journeywork and would rather just gather more information
  • Those who are overly critical of others
  • Those who want to teach their own work inside the group or sell anything to this group

When You Join the Program, Here is What You’ll Receive …

1) Weekly LIVE Training & Journeywork with a Global Shamanic Community

Every month, participants will be involved in LIVE training and journey sessions.  Each session is 30 minutes of narrative & teachings followed by 20 minutes of experiential journeywork with 10 minutes of recap. We have planned 47 different journey sessions over the next year accounting for vacations and holidays. These will be separated into different blocks were we will go deep into different types of journeys, many of which we have NOT shared publically before.

2) Regular LIVE Q&A and Integration Sessions

After we finish a specific block of shamanic journeys we will come together to answer your questions and to work on integration before we move onto the next module. This will be a separate 60 minute session for Q&A after the completion of a series of related training sessions when participants can interact with Hank in real time. We are asking that questions be emailed to us ahead of time in case advanced preparation of an answer is needed. This will also help maximize the number of questions we can get to in one setting. 

3) Full Video, Audio & Transcript Downloads for Lifetime Access

Every Live training will be recorded and available in video and audio formats so you’ll be able to download and own all the content. So if you want to watch the trainings over and over or you miss one of the live trainings, you’ll be able to watch at your leisure. Written transcripts will be available a few days after each training session. We also suggest that you practice each journey MORE than once to really go deep so they live inside you!


4) Private Facebook Community

Our Private Facebook Group will connect you with a worldwide community of like-minded people to discuss the course material, share experiences, as well as give and receive support. This is where you can post questions for guidance for each other.



5) A Private Member Portal [Website or Mobile Phone Accessable]

All of the video, audio and transcripts will be held in a private member portal for easy access either on your desktop computer, iPad or you can download a mobile app to access all of the material on your phone so that this information travels with you wherever you go. You will be able to download all of the previous materials and save them on your computer or harddrive as well. Inside this member portal you will find the email account for requesting support which leads you to a support team.

PLUS Receive this Special Bonus…

The Spiritwalker Teachings Audio Series – [6 Hour Audio Training]

As a member you will receive our core program that contains over 6 hours of online and downloadable audio teachings from our popular training program,  The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journey for the Modern Mystic.  Included are 8 shamanic journeys along with shamanic drumming tracks, an ancient and revered form of meditation.

About Hank Wesselman, PhD

Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the worlds.  He did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in Zoology at the Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to recieve his doctoral degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley.

A native New Yorker, he has spent much of his life living and working among traditional tribal peoples, primarily in Africa and Polynesia.  He served in the US Peace Corps in the 1960’s, living among people of the Yoruba Tribe in Western Nigeria for two years.  It was there that he first became interested in indigenous spiritual wisdom. Since 1971, his research has taken him to the fossil beds of Eastern Africa’s Great Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. That’s where the visions began. He has been teaching shamanic workshops since 1991. 

Author of:

What You’ll Receive as a Member

SharedWisdom presents:

Shaman Visionary Circle

An Online Shamanic Community with Hank Wesselman, PhD

As a member you’ll receive…


1) Weekly LIVE Training and Journeywork with a Global Shamanic Community
[4+ Hours per/month]

2) Regular LIVE Q&A and Integration Sessions

3) Full Video, Audio, & Transcript Downloads for Lifetime Access

4) Private Facebook Community

5) A Private Member Portal
[Website, iPad and Mobile Access]

6) BONUS: Spiritwalker Teachings Downloadable MP3 Series [6 hours]

Total Yearly Value: $1997

Our Promise and 100% Guarantee

We’ve been hard at work for several months putting this all together, and if you’re still reading and leaning in with excitement, we think this is for you!

AND… we want to make it so easy to say yes and tap into these teachings that have transformed each one of us at such a core level that we’re inviting you to try them out for 30 days. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you paid for, or you just don’t enjoy this path… we’ll refund your payment within the 1st 30 days.

Hank Wesselman

What’s Inside the Shamanic Journeys and Practical Curriculum

Shamanic Teachings Part 1

Building and Grounding Your Shamanic Foundation:

In this segment of the teaching, we will be working on our personal Foundation. It is important to return to our Sacred Garden, a place in nature special to us on which we can begin every journey and to which we return at the journey’s end… especially if we have not been there lately…..

We will explore:

  • Animism and Nature Mysticism
  • Animatism—the field of power
  • The shaman, trance medium and the priest
  • Altered States of consciousness
  • The other worlds
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 2

The Spirits 

In this segment of the teaching, we gain an expanded perspective of those transpersonal forces and their function in our lives as well as the localities in between lives.

We will explore:

  • The Spirit Teacher & The Guide
  • The 3 Souls as the Foundation for the Self – Journey
  • The Personal Spirit Soul – Divination
  • Types of Spirits
  • Ancestral Spirits
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 3

Spiritual Organization: Rites, Communal & Individual

In this segment of the teaching, we expand our understanding of the roles that religion plays in response to who and what we become in life, including the social organization in which we live our lives.

We will explore:

  • Polytheism and Monotheism – Guy Swanson
  • The Evolution of Religion – Robert Bellah
  • Ritual, Ceremony and Magic
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 4

Spirit Medicine

In this segment of the teaching, we acquire an understanding of the purpose of spiritual healing and its relationship with our energetic matrix as well as nurturing and preserving our three souls. 

We will explore:

  • Sorcery and Negative Witchcraft – Voodoo
  • Classic Causes of Illness
  • Protection, Oversoul, & Power Animals
  • Classic Levels of Shamanic Healing
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing
  • Personal Healing Ritual
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 5

The Elemantals

In this segment of the teaching, we will be exploring how the physical world and elementals contribute to our spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world. 

We will explore:

  • The Spirit of Fire & The Spirit of Water
  • The Spirit of Earth & the Spirit of Stone
  • The Spirit of Nature & The Spirit of Air
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 6

Native American Mysticism

In this segment of the teaching, we will consider the core mystical foundation of virtually all Amerindian religions. 

We will explore:

  • The vision quest
  • Mystic Principles
  • The Path of Power

Shamanic Teachings Part 7

Spontaneous Visionary Experience: The Well

In this segment of the teaching, we will discuss and attempt to experience these often unsought but relatively common spiritual experiences. 

We will explore:

  • Out of Body Experiences & Near-Death Experiences
  • The Spirits –View of the Transpersonal Psychologist and the Philosophical Materialist
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 8

Spirit Medicine in the Western Tradition

In this segment of the teaching, we will examine the mystical foundation for what would become western medicine as well as those shamanists who practiced it. We will also survey the witches of Europe, who they were, what happened to them and why.  

We will explore:

  • The Greeks Approach and the Dream Therapy of Aesclapios
  • The Wise Women of Europe 1 —The Dark Ages
  • The Wise Women of Europe 2 —The End of Folk Medicine
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 9

The Hawaiian Perspective

In this segment of the teaching, we will visit with the Hawaiian kahuna Hale Makua as well as the Hawaiian perspective on levels of reality and levels of consciousness.

We will explore:

  • Hawaiian Mysticism – The Kahuna, The Deities, The Soul Cluster and The Self
  • Hawaiian Mysticism – Mana and The Energy Body
  • Hawaiian Mysticism – The Nature of Reality
  • Live Q&A

Shamanic Teachings Part 10

The Mythic Self

In this segment of the teaching, we experience ourselves in the mythic perspective as well as how ‘our story’ is part of the new cultural myths coming into being in response to who and what we have become, as well as the stages we pass through as we expand as modern mystics. 

We will explore:

  • Definitions of the Mythic
  • The Mystic Path
  • Channeling the new Cultural Mythos
  • The Stages of Mystical Development
  • The Unitive Life
  • Live Q&A

 And Each Month You Will Receive 4 Journeys

“When your life is to be restructured, it is the foundation that changes first”

– Hale Makua

SharedWisdom presents:

Shaman Visionary Circle

An Online Shamanic Community with Hank Wesselman, PhD

As a member you'll receive...


1) Weekly LIVE Training and Journeywork with a Global Shamanic Community
[4+ Hours per/month]

2) Regular LIVE Q&A and Integration Sessions

3) Full Video, Audio, & Transcript Downloads for Lifetime Access

4) Private Facebook Community

5) A Private Member Portal
[Website, iPad and Mobile Access]

6) BONUS: Spiritwalker Teachings Downloadable MP3 Series [6 hours]

Total Yearly Value: $1997

Our Promise and 100% Guarantee

We’ve been hard at work for several months putting this all together, and if you’re still reading and leaning in with excitement, we think this is for you!

AND… we want to make it so easy to say yes and tap into these teachings that have transformed each one of us at such a core level that we’re inviting you to try them out for 30 days. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you paid for, or you just don’t enjoy this path… we’ll refund your payment within the 1st 30 days.

Hank Wesselman

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions live or prerecorded?

All of the sessions will be held live and then loaded to a membership site for easy access. You will be able to download the video, audio and transcripts to watch/read/listen at your convenience.

What are the dates and times of the live sessions?

All of the live sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 5 p.m., Pacific Time.

You can join Hank from ANYWHERE in the world. Check call times in your time zone using this handy tool:

How can I get support?

We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about accessing the course.

*For support please email:

Please always use this support email rather than posting in the Facebook group or contacting Hank directly. We typically answer within 24 hours or sooner and we are here to make your journey as easy as possible.

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